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What is Huawei famous for?

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Is Huawei phone safe?

Since this article was published, the United States has issued measures effectively blacklisting Huawei. Under a new executive order, US businesses looking to sell to Huawei will need to obtain government approval for the transactions, dealing a severe blow to the Chinese company. In light of the order, we are re-publishing the below article from March, which details the broader concerns that led up to that decision.

The United States government is cracking down hard on Huawei. Lawmakers and intelligence officials have claimed the telecommunications giant could be exploited by the Chinese government for espionage, presenting a potentially grave national security risk, especially as the US builds out its next-generation 5G network. To meet that threat, officials say, they’ve blocked government use of the company’s equipment, while the Justice Department has also accused Huawei’s chief financial officer of violating sanctions against Iran, and the company itself of stealing trade secrets.

Huawei’s response has been simple: it’s not a security threat. Most importantly, the company’s leaders have said the US has not produced evidence that it works inappropriately with the Chinese government or that it would in the future. Moreover, they say, there are ways to mitigate risk — ones that have worked successfully in other countries. Huawei’s chairman has even gone so far as to call the US government hypocritical, criticizing China while the National Security Agency spies around the globe. The company has also denied any criminal wrongdoing.

What are the main features of harmony OS?

First of all, you should know the main features of Harmony OS Huawei announced it would be a revolutionary step taken by the company and be the best alternative to android smartphones. It says one day it would take the place of American company Android which is the most used smartphone OS in the world by the most trusted company Google.

Richard of fixmyphonenow said that this operating system would be compatible with all smartphones, cars, smart TVs and all types of smart sensors.

First of all harmony OS would be available to smartphones and smart TVs . Then later it would be available to smart watches and car units etc.

Harmony OS is an open source system. It means any smartphone making company can use this OS in the world. Huawei also wants to inspire app developers around the world to make a compatible app for this by making this OS available under open source. Huawei understands very well that more compatible apps are needed to make the operating system successful. Richard Yu also said that harmony OS would be very fast than android and would use low sources to run apps. Hence uses low battery consumption.

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App security

Huawei smartphones use an open source version of Android – this is still the case even after they have been barred from trading with US companies like Google (more on that later).

Android phones have a reputation for being less secure than their iOS counterparts, mainly because their app stores allow more creators to upload apps that don’t necessarily meet security standards and might be considered malware. Read more about the differences between Android and iOS in this guide.

Older models of Huawei smartphones including the revamped New Edition 2020 versions of the P30 series still have access to Google apps such as the Play Store. This means the general Android concerns about app security remain.

Newer models of Huawei phones including the P40 series, the Mate 30 series and Mate Xs don’t have access to Google apps and so those phones can’t access the Play Store.

Instead, Huawei users must access the App Gallery to download apps and, while being limited in content, that store also seems to have its fair share of spam content.

Some customers try to sideload Google apps onto Huawei’s newer devices, although that increases the risk of something going wrong and the phone being exposed to a security risk. Sideloading has been explicitly advised against by both Huawei and Google, yet that doesn’t stop some people trying and risking their phone’s security.

Issues with apps and app stores don’t automatically make Huawei smartphones inherently riskier than other Android devices, but they are a potential security problem for users to be aware of.

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Superior in Camera Quality

The appeal of Huawei’s HP is generally located in the camera sector. Huawei does not play about the camera. This vendor even cooperates with LEICA to produce quality camera lenses in their high-class mobile phones, such as the Huawei P20 series and the Huawei Mate 20 series.

This collaboration produced good results. Evidenced by the reviews of DxOMark, the Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei Mate 20 Pro occupy the top positions as the cellphones with the best cameras. Several other types of high-class Huawei are also included in the list of the best camera phones.

Good camera quality is also not only in high-end Huawei phones. Some middle class Huawei phones also have good cameras like the Huawei Nova 2i and Huawei Nova 3 series. Only of course the quality of the camera is not as good as the Huawei P series and Huawei Mate series. No need for phone repairs I hope, as parts may be expensive in Australia.

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Latest Technology UI

It feels too futile to present the best features and specifications if not supported by adequate software. Huawei does not take the risk in its Nova 5T series by bringing some refreshing updates.

Huawei Nova 5T which is strengthened with the Android OS Pie 9.0 has a fast application processing time span. It also strengthened the Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS) feature which can increase the average data read speed by 20 percent.

Do not stop there, Huawei Nova 5T is also trying to pamper its users in the gaming sector. Huawei presents the GPU Turbo 3.0 feature that is able to ease the RAM load and accelerate the application cache process.

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Huawei 5G Technology Leader in the World

As we know, Huawei’s business is not only in the smartphone line but also in the network business. Huawei is currently the leader of the development of the world’s 5G technology.

In addition there is news that Huawei’s 5G technology is ready to use starting in 2019 with internet speeds up to 20Gbps.

The 5G network is a cellular communication technology standard that provides faster internet access speeds than 4G. 5G signals can be emitted on the frequency of 600 MHz to 6 GHz

Huawei will embed the 5G chip in the upcoming Mate 30 smartphone series.

Huawei has SuperCharge Technology

One of the successes of Huawei’s R&D is the presence of super-fast charging technology. Huawei calls it SuperCharge technology. This technology enables mobile phones to charge faster, even faster than VOOC Flash Charge technology.

One of the cell phones with SuperCharge technology is the Huawei Mate 20 series. Huawei Mate 20 which consists of Huawei Mate 20 RS, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and Huawei Mate 20 X has SuperCharge 2.0 technology. This technology allows mobile phones to be filled up to 70% in just 30 minutes. Something extraordinary isn’t it?

Unfortunately, this SuperCharge technology seems to be still being implemented in high-end Huawei phones. Middle and lower class Huawei phones do not have this feature. Let’s hope someday, SuperCharge can be implemented on a middle-class Huawei cellphone.

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The most advanced banking security features

In terms of ensuring the security of its use, Huawei is the first vendor in the world that is recognized by the world’s banks in terms of banking security.

Huawei has CloudFabric Security Solution technology that can fight cyber crime and threaten the banking transactions of its users.

Now that’s 8 advantages Huawei smartphones compared to other modern smartphones that have given birth to a lot of advanced technology and have been recognized worldwide.

In the future, Huawei will always provide new breakthroughs in the world of technology, in accordance with the demands of the times and the needs of its users.

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