How to save my contacts on an iPhone to my sim card

The iPhone is a powerful mobile device, but it also has some drawbacks, such as not allowing its users to directly export contacts to the SIM. This causes those who want to move the iPhone to another system or change the network provider to have some difficulty.

Would you like to know how to move iPhone contacts to a SIM card? Yeah, we've got the answers. Depending on how old or new your iPhone is, there are a few different approaches that apply, so we have covered the best approaches for all iPhone generations.

Now, before we get into the details of how to copy contacts to your SIM card from your iPhone, let's answer another question: Why do I need to pass my contact list? In a world that is fast-moving, everything can shift in a moment. New products emerge and preferences change as technology progresses, so consumers can still move devices. There's a need to transfer data from one to the other if that occurs.

Some of the common reasons why you'll want to move contacts to a SIM card from your iPhone are:

  • Purchasing a new mobile phone
  • Adding additional contacts to a private phone from a work phone
  • Retrieving contacts when the iPhone fails or a reset is carried out

You'll want to know the simplest and most convenient ways to do so, whatever the justification you have for copying iPhone contacts to a SIM. The following parts will tell you how to deal with any eventuality.

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How to save contacts to a SIM card via email on an iPhone

The new iPhone models, such as iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 8, do not allow SIM card contacts to be transferred from the handset. If you have a few friends on your iPhone's contact list, you can use your email to pass them. An Android device is required for this process. Take the following steps:

  • On your iPhone, open the Contacts app and find the contacts you'd like to save on your SIM card.
  • Select a contact, then tap the option "Share Contact" and select the "Mail" icon (Add your email address if it does not appear ).
  • Download the vCards you have exchanged via email using a computer.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the device to an Android phone.
  • On your Android phone, go to the Contacts App and press 'Import from USB Storage.
  • Confirm that the contacts were imported to the phone running Android OS.
  • Go to Contact Import/Export and select the "Export to Sim Card" option.
  • You can also download the vCard into your Android phone storage and import it to the phone's contacts app using the same "Import from USB storage" option. 


How to save contacts from iCloud to SIM on an iPhone

The easier way to transfer several contacts to a SIM card will be to synchronise iPhone contacts to iCloud, download them to the device, then transfer them to the Android phone and import them to the SIM card. Follow the steps.

  • Tap [Your Name] at the top of the iPhone screen, then go to Settings.
  • Tap and select "Contacts" on "iCloud."
  • To allow the contacts to sync, turn the button to your right.
  • Your iPhone contacts will then be synced via secure Wi-Fi to iCloud.
  • Visit '' on a computer with a browser.
  • Then go to "Contacts" to log in to your iCloud account.
  • While keeping Ctrl or the Command key, pick contacts.
  • Click on the 'vCard Export' button.
  • The chosen contacts are then downloaded to your computer.
  • Plugin, and copy those contacts to your Android phone.
  • Go to the 'Contacts' app and import USB storage contacts.
  • Go back to Import/Export Contacts and press the Export to SIM Card button.


How to save contacts by jailbreaking

There is another way for contacts to switch from iPhone to SIM: jailbreaking. There are fewer limitations for a jail-broken iPhone. You are required to install software on your iPhone to help you easily copy contacts from your iPhone to your SIM. You just need to download a jailbreak app and follow the directions. It's not a hard task. Some iPhone users do not know exactly what iPhone Jailbreak is, so you can continue reading this post.

iPhone's jailbreaking is close to rooting on Android devices. It helps crack the restrictions put on Apple's iPhone users. After jailbreaking an iPhone, you will be testing several other features that are hidden in the basic or official version. And all of the applications on the App Store that can not be reached would be accessible. 

Jailbreaking an iPhone appears to make the iPhone more free and comfortable to use. But it's a double-edged sword and it also has disadvantages. The jailbreak will eliminate the warranty period for the iPhone.The other disadvantage is significant and worth pondering. That's all the security measures that will be out of operation on your iPhone. So jailbreaking an iPhone is a way worthy of reflection to export contacts to the sim card. If you're planning to do this, instead of only backing up contacts, we suggest you transfer and backup all the data on your iPhone in advance.


How to use third-party data transfer software to backup iPhone contacts

Also, third-party applications are a quick way to move saved phone numbers from the internal storage of an iPhone to a SIM. These tools allow users to more quickly move their data to their computers from their phones. All data forms, including addresses, images, messages, documents, and many more, can be exchanged.

To use this service, iPhone users must first check for an application and then download and install it on their devices. The linked device will automatically be identified by most of these applications. Then they'll allow the backup. To pass the contacts, you still need to connect an Android phone and a computer and save them to the SIM card.

The advantage of using a third-party data transfer app is that it is less complex. Other transfers, including iPhone to iPhone and iPhone to Android, are also enabled. These apps also provide an online storage point in case your iPhone breaks down, where you can get back your files.


Bonus Tip: How to Import iPhone SIM Card Contacts

While Apple does not allow you to directly copy contacts from your iPhone to your SIM, it gives you the ability to import contacts from your SIM card to your iPhone.

This is how:

  • Insert the SIM card that contains the iPhone contacts that you want.
  • Open the Settings app, tap Mail, then tap Calendars for contacts.
  • Tap SIM Contacts Import.
  • Pick the location where the contacts on your SIM card will be placed.

Bottom line

It's certainly irritating not being able to directly copy contacts from iPhone to SIM. In iPhone’s, data transfer restrictions can sometimes restrict users from some of the stuff they are used to. Fortunately, the above methods can help you bypass these restrictions and maintain your SIM card backup. But the techniques presented in this article will assist you in solving this problem, depending on your situation and preferences, you can choose your favorite method.

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