In Accessibility, there is an Auto Answer function. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Touch>Call Audio Routing>Auto-Answer Calls. Turn that on.

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Is there some way to answer phone calls without swiping the bar at the bottom of an iPhone 7? 

To set an iphone to auto answer for anyone who may need it is possible. Say someone with neuropathy needs this function.

To set your iphone to auto answer, follow these steps-

In Accessibility, there is an Auto Answer function. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Touch>Call Audio Routing>Auto-Answer Calls. Turn that on. Only if this does not interfere with any other accommodations.

This can cause issues, like say, that friend calls who you have saved as “don’t answer”, well, in this case, the phone will answer and you will have to talk to Mr or Mrs annoying as hell.

In auto-answer mode, your iPhone will automatically answer after a certain amount of rings.

This is great for when you're using a headset or you're making dinner, but also expecting a really important phone call and you can’t call them back if you miss it.  If you’re the type of person who’s always near their mobile phone but sometimes takes too long to answer, or if you find the swiping-to-answer motion annoying or difficult to do, then you can enable this feature using the instructions above.

Detailed Instructions For Setting Your iPhone To Automatic Answering  

1-Open the Settings app.

2-Tap Accessibility then tap Touch.

3-Select Call Audio Routing.

4-Tap Auto-Answer Calls.

5-On the next screen, toggle Auto-Answer Calls to on.

6-You can also choose the amount of time your iPhone will ring before it automatically answers the call by tapping the plus or minus signs to the right of Seconds.

The built-in setting in iOS 11 for iPhones lets you pick up calls automatically — without having to touch the screen — which is ideal for situations where manually accepting phone calls is just not possible. Once enabled, the aptly named Auto-Answer Calls feature will free you up to go about your day and stay confident with the knowledge that anyone who tries to reach you will be able to do so. As we showed you earlier in the post, it is easy to do, so what are you waiting for? Say you are walking around Melbourne with your hands full, you can still answer your phone!

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Set the amount of time your phone will ring

Adjusting The Timing Of Rings, How Many Times Would You Like It To Ring?

Once Auto-Answer Calls is toggled on, you can then adjust how many seconds you'd like to pass before your iPhone automatically answers by tapping on the plus and minus buttons below the toggle to increase or decrease the time in one-second increments.

You Can Now Auto Answer, So Don’t Miss My Call!!

There you go, never miss your mothers phone call again, well…….

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