Now, we do not recommend this type of repair at all, but I’m sure our readers will find it interesting, repairing a smashed screen with a hair dryer and so on. It is basically a phone screen repair version of your standard back yard tattoo, the type where you may contract hiv etc. Bravo to the guy for his efforts, but at FMPN, we can not endorse this type of repair.

Will he succeed? Let’s find out now although the screen itself is completely smashed the phone works fine, and the panel also is ok, but it’s just the glass on top which has the digitizer which detects your finger presses that is just completely smashed.

So you didn’t detect anything is essentially dead and unusable so this is going to be a bit of an experiment really to see whether it’s possible to replace just the glass and not the LCD panel because I will allow me to keep the original LCD rather than a cheaper lower quality replacement.

So the first thing to do is power off the phone and obviously because the touchscreen doesn’t work he uses a USB OTG cable, this is simply be plugged in to the side and then a computer mouse is used to power off the device so with that done you would need a set of tools. These tools can be found online for very cheap he said his were about 4 pounds which is about 12 dollars or so.

He then uses a pretty powerful hairdryer and he uses it to soften the adhesive that’s holding the phone together to make it easier to disassemble.

All of these unconventional techniques are not recommended, but it certainly makes for an interesting video. Enjoy.

Do not try this at home.

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