Apps to Hide Apps on iPhone

Don’t be concerned about your personal data; simply hide them using one of the 5 best apps listed below.

  1. Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe
  2. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty
  3. Vault
  4. Hide Photos Video – Hide it Pro
  5. App Hider – Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts

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guide to hide iphone apps

How to Unhide Apps on an iPhone

If you’re looking for an app on your iPhone but can’t seem to find it, it can be hidden in your App Library. There’s a simple way to find it.

    1. On your iPhone, open the App Library. Swipe from right to left to go to the App Library in most instances. Keep swiping until App Library appears, which may be a few screens away.
    2. Enter the name of the app you’re looking for into the search box at the top of the screen.
    3. Tap and hold the name of the app you want in the search results when it appears. If it doesn’t go to your home screen immediately, swipe your finger to the left without releasing the app.

How do you hide apps on ios 14?

If the amount of applications on your iPhone’s home screen irritates you, you’ll appreciate a feature introduced with iOS 14 that allows you to hide them.

  1. Press and hold the app you want until a menu displays. Depending on the app’s functionality, the menu will contain a variety of choices (for example, if I press on an app for Microsoft Teams, the menu will let me make a new call or start a chat). However, you will always have the option (in red) to uninstall the app. That should be tapped.
  2. You may now choose to delete the app from your phone or remove it from your home screen. Choose the second option. The software is still available in the App Library.
  3. If the app isn’t already in the App Library, you’ll be given the option of either removing it or transferring it to the App Library when you select “Remove App.”
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